Shark Rubber Fins

£120.00 C Eco-Rating

The Shark Rubber Fins are made from a solid rubber compound and yes, there are other similar fins on the market.

However, these babies have been thoroughly tested and put through the ringer by the team at Reel Diving

The spring straps make them dead easy to put on and off, the larger foot pocket allows more of your foot inside giving you more control over movement.

And they’re heavy which could be a massive plus to divers with floaty drysuit feet.

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The Honest Truth



The gang at Reel Diving convinced me to try these Shark Rubber Fins, and I’m glad they did! I adore them! I can’t go back to other fins now.

They feel comfy to use and just right in terms of stiffness, propulsion and weighting. They are my go-to fins and I can highly recommend them – especially for technical divers or people with really floaty feet.

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