Halycon Spring Strap

£55.00 C Eco-Rating

The Halcyon Spring Straps have just the right tension so they make donning your fins really easy but still hold them secure during the dive. We’ve not had any issues with the springs stretching either.

They’re a good retrofit for compatible fins, a handy to spare to have or for those that want to tweak their fin sizing.

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I love the range of sizes available for the Halcyon Spring Straps. They’re a great option if you want to tailor the fit of your fin from the one supplied. These will fit the Shark fins too!

Manufacturer's Bumph

Halcyon spring straps are aftermarket straps that will fit most Jetfin style fins that have similar strap attachment points. (If you want to double check, just give us a shout)

They consist of an appropriately sized stainless spring with an attached cable inside to prevent overstretch.

They are covered with “H” branded round webbing to conceal the spring and prevent abrasion. If anything can be said to be “bulletproof” these spring heel straps can! They come in four sizes to cover the range of most peoples feet.

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