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Aqualung Storm Fins

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The Aqualung Storm fin is perfect for travelling as it’s super light. There’s no need for boots with these comfy foot pockets and the adjustable bungee strap makes them dead easy to get on and off.

We’re loving the range of colours too!

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I love using the Aqualung Storm fins on our Grey Seal Snorkel Safaris. They’re comfortable and give great propulsion. It’s a shame I can’t use them for UK diving as they’re not really designed to be worn with boots.
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Aqualung Storm fin is a great all-around fin ideal for travel.

Produced using Monprene®, a single material construction gives both durability and strength while maintaining exceptionally lightweight, exactly what the travelling diver requires.

The innovative foot pocket design has the advantage of a full foot fin for comfort with the versatility of an open-heel fin for sizing.

Key Features
  • Barefoot open heel fin, made in a single TPV compound Monprene®
  • Ergonomic foot pocket ensures comfort, freedom and prevents fatigue
  • Silicone bungee strap equipped with heel pad for easy on-and-off
  • Strong compact blade aids in efficient power transfer
  • Excellent grip on the underside to reduce slippage on deck
  • Access hole in the blade for easy transport and storage

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