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Aqualung Storm Max Fins

£88.00 C Eco-Rating

The Aqualung Storm Max fin is a great option for diving and snorkelling where you’d prefer to wear booties rather than go bear foot.

They’re good for travelling too as they’re pretty lightweight.

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The Honest Truth



The Aqualung Storm Max Fins are the beefed up version of the Storm.

The main difference is that the Storm Max are designed to be used with booties, where the Storm is for barefoot or fin socks.

People reckon you can use the Storm Max for drysuit diving, but I’m not convinced. They’re cracking for UK wetsuit diving and snorkelling though!

Manufacturer's Bumph

Take your kicking power to the max with the Aqualung Storm Max Fin.

It’s everything a diver could want in an open-heel fin with extended durability from its single-material design. The strong blade provides perfect propulsion with minimal effort for your best dive ever.

Key Features
  • Open heel fin, made in a single TPV compound Monprene
  • Ergonomic foot pocket ensures comfort and prevents fatigue
  • Silicone bungee strap equipped for easy on-and-off
  • Strong blade aids in efficient power transfer

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