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The Honest Diver Supply Co is the place to go for honest advice and eco-friendly diving gear online.

Let Jim, Nic and the team help you select the perfect scuba kit for your adventures so you can protect the ocean while you’re diving

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The Honest team have decades of diving experience behind them. We’ve dived every piece of kit we sell on this website so we can tell you exactly what we think about it and if we think it’ll be good for you.

We’re not a faceless online scuba gear website – Nic, Jim and the rest of the team are on hand to answer all your questions to help you find the perfect piece of dive gear.

Kind to our oceans

Environmental conservation has always been at the heart of what we do. We’re specialists in eco-friendly dive gear – kit that will help you protect the ocean by taking action underwater on clean-ups and conservation projects, and kit that is made from responsible materials and manufacturing processes.

Every dive we do at The Honest Diver is a clean-up dive. We’re heavily involved in other marine conservation activities too like surveys, nurdle hunts and beach cleans too.

Our amazing team are on hand to answer any questions you might have. You can fire us an email, or better still chat to us live!

The Honest Diver Team

The Honest Truth

Jim at The Honest Diver

We're passionate about two things at The Honest Diver - Protecting the ocean and making buying dive gear online enjoyable.

We are committed to responsible diving and love nothing more than inspiring our divers to do everything they can to look after the incredible underwater world.

We know that buying diving kit online isn't always the nicest experience. Customer service can be non-existent and it can be hard to know what equipment is best suited for the type of diving that you do.

That's where The Honest Diver is different. We've dived every single piece of dive gear listed on this website so we can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Our divers say that our customer service is unlike any other dive centre. I guess you'll just have to place an order to see how we do things differently. If this is your first visit to The Honest Diver and you fancy giving us a punt, enter code "honesttreat" at checkout for a 10% discount. A little treat from me to say thank you for trying us out!

- Jim

Jim Learwood