Halcyon H-View Mask

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The Halcyon H-View Mask has a low volume whilst maintaining a wide field of view. It features nice soft silicone making it one of those “universal fit” Masks (we still say come down to Honest HQ and try it in the test tank first though!)

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Masks are all about fit and comfort for me, so I think everyone should take the Halcyon H-View Mask for a dive or two first and decide if it’s right from there.

There is a reason this mask design has been copied so much – it is one of the masks that you can’t go wrong with!

Manufacturer's Bumph

The Halcyon H-View mask is a simple, yet rugged single lens dive mask with a soft-fitting silicone skirt that surrounds a single lens, creating a low volume mask for easy clearing.

Halcyon believes the H-View Mask will fit most faces and features a double face seal on the mask skirt, which means that it is less likely to cause leaks during a dive.

The H-View mask includes a hard plastic protective case and features two, Halcyon branded, mask strap buckles that are compatible with Halcyon neoprene mask straps.

Key Features

The Halcyon H-View mask has…

  • A single lens
  • Soft fitting silicone skirt
  • A low volume
  • UltraClear lens

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