Halcyon Explorer Knife

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The Halcyon Explorer Knife is for those divers where only a Crocodile Dundee knife will do! (THIS is a knife!)

It’s a stylish tool that is comfortable to use. It’s perfect for those cleanup operations dealing with thick ropes.

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The Honest Truth



I’ve gotta be honest, I prefer line cutters over knives as they cover most of the jobs for a diver’s cutting tool. However, the Halcyon Explorer Knife is a great extra to have (even if it’s in your toolbox) ready for a big cleanup operation.

Key Features

The Halcyon Explorer Knife is…

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made of titanium
  • Comes in a low profile package
  • 146mm long with a 64mm
  • Easy to grip
  • Designed with a serrated and straight edge blade, with a line cutter too
  • One-handed for easy sheath removal/replacement
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Halcyon Explorer Knife features a streamlined design, ideal for environments where every inch of profile counts.

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