Halcyon Line Cutter

£30.00 B Eco-Rating

The Halycon Line Cutter is a cracking little tool to help you protect the ocean. Keep it on your harness for easy access and whip it out when you need to cut away some fishing line you find tangled on the reef!

The ceramic blade stays sharper way longer than cutters with metal blades.

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Team Diver

The Halcyon Line Cutter is a great little tool to chuck on your harness just in case you ever need it. It is small and compact but super sharp.

Key Features

The Halcyon Line Cutter features…

  • A knife sheath that will slide onto existing H waist strap webbing
  • Lightweight, low-profile package
  • Replacement blade, screws and nuts included
  • Velcro strap to secure the cutter in place
  • One-handed design for easy removal/replacement
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Halcyon Line Cutter is designed for warm and cold water diving. It serves as a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use tool for all your diving needs.

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