Halcyon Eclipse Wing

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The Halcyon Eclipse Wing is your go-to for a custom-fit diving experience, offering a broad selection of backplates, sizes, and colours to suit any diver’s style.

This is a high quality BC that’s been designed with simplicity in mind. The designers at Halcyon have eliminated all the unnecessary features found in traditional BCs. The Eclipse offers a long, narrow wing profile for reduced drag and an infinitely adjustable harness for a perfect fit.

We recommend that you get in touch for a chat with one of the team and we can customise the perfect wing together. There’s lots of upgrades available for the Eclipse, plus there are SOO many colours to choose from!

ACB weight pockets

2.35kg weighted single tank adapter

We don't have this in the stock cupboard right now, but you can still order it!

We'll get it in for you - it'll just take a few days extra for delivery.

If you want an exact ETA, have a chat with one of the team.


The Honest Truth



The Halcyon Eclipse Wing is super comfy, especially with the specially designed flared backplate – it doesn’t dig in at all.

What's In The Box?

Your Halcyon Eclipse Wing is supplied with…

  • Your chosen backplate – aluminium or stainless, small, standard or long.
  • Your chosen wing size – 20lb, 30lb or 40lb
  • That iconic Halcyon webbing harness
  • A stainless steel single tank adapter (STA)
  • An MC Storage Pak

You might also want to add some weight pockets, trim pockets or the cool weight insert that fits inside the STA.

You can also fully customise the colours if you want, there’s some cracking designs! Just get in touch for more info.

How do I customise my Halcyon Eclipse Wing?

If you want any other colour than black (which you can order above), have a chat with Jim in person at Honest HQ or on zoom. He’ll fill in the form for your custom order and get it sent off to Halcyon for you.




Free Wing Set Up Consultation

As soon as your Halcyon Eclipse Wing arrives, Jim will give you a free wing set-up consultation.

You can come into Honest HQ (and even jump in the tank if you fancy!) or he can help you set everything up over zoom.

We want you to get the most out of your new Halcyon Eclipse Wing so we’d love to help you get everything set up perfectly.


Do I Need a Stainless or Ali Backplate?

The choice between an aluminium or stainless steel backplate comes down to where you think you’ll be using your wing the most.

If you want to travel with your wing, then aluminium is a great choice as it makes your rig about 2kg lighter than stainless.

BUT, in the water your rig will actually be about 1kg more buoyant compared to a setup with a stainless backplate. This means you’ll need more lead to compensate. There is a silver lining to this though, you can now place this extra weight anywhere you like to help with your trim.

If you’re primarily diving dry suit in the UK, we recommend the stainless option – we’re already carrying enough lead!

And if you’ve never dived a wing before, you’ll find you need way less weight diving with any kind of wing with a backplate compared to your traditional jacket style BCD!

Which Wing Size Do I Need?

The appropriate Halcyon Eclipse wing size depends on the diver’s size, equipment configuration, and the amount of lead being used. However, this gives you some idea of which is best for you.

  • 20lbs buoyancy: The Halcyon Eclipse 20 wing is ideal for warm water diving with minimal gear. It’s travel-friendly and works best with aluminum 80 tanks, for those using thin wetsuits or shorties. I usually recommend this for smaller divers and kids.
  • 30lbs buoyancy: The Halcyon Eclipse 30 wing is the standard choice for recreational diving. It provides adequate lift for single tank setups, particularly with aluminum 80 tanks, and balances versatility and comfort for various diving environments.
  • 40lbs buoyancy: The Halcyon Eclipse 40 wing is designed for cold water diving or when using thicker wetsuits or drysuits. It provides the extra lift needed for steel tanks, making it ideal for divers with additional gear especially if using a fully integrated weight system in drysuits.

The Halcyon Eclipse Wing system is establishing a new standard for single cylinder recreational diving, while creating unprecedented streamlining, and eliminating the many unnecessary “features” that clutter traditional buoyancy compensators.

The Eclipse has a long, narrow profile that supports the diver’s single tank along their entire length, preventing unnecessary drag, and minimizing in-water effort. Meanwhile, the infinitely adjustable harness prevents the frustrating lack of control found with typical buoyancy compensators.

This added stability reduces drag by encouraging a streamlined position — these changes result in less effort and more diving fun.


The Halcyon Eclipse Wing…

  • Is a CE Certifed Buoyancy Compensator (wing) – Available in 20-, 30-, or 40-lb. (9-,14-, or 18-kg) lift capacity
  • Has a choice of aluminum and stainless steel backplate – small, standard or long size
  • Is designed with the Complete Secure Harness – it’s infinitely adjustable, and designed to fit you perfectly
  • Comes with the Halcyon MC Storage Pak for convenient stowage of lift devices
  • Includes a stainless steel Single Tank Adaptor (STA) with two cam straps and the ability to accommodate a weighted insert (you can buy this here)
  • Is compatible with the ACB weight pockets (4 kg / 10 lb capacity) (add these to your basket here)
  • Does require assembly, but you’ll get a free wing consultation with Jim to help you set it up perfectly. This can be at Honest HQ where you can jump in our testing tank or over zoom if you’re not local to us.
  • Colours can be fully customised – just give Jim a shout for more info!

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