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Fourth Element Halo AR Undersuit | Women’s

£499.00 B Eco-Rating

The Fourth Element ladies Halo AR undersuit is insane. It’s the warmest thing we’ve ever dived – almost too hot for summer diving in the UK!

It’s a really high performing undersuit, so a must have for any diver who feels the cold, is diving regularly in low temperatures or becoming an astronaut (it’s made from a material that was originally created for space exploration!)

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The Honest Truth



This Fourth Element ladies Halo AR undersuit is crazy warm. Like, there’s been times when I’m sweating! It’s incredible.

Key Features

The Fourth Element ladies Halo AR undersuit is…

  • Made from A°RGON™ – extreme performance thermal insulation
  • Bodymapped thermal protection
  • High performance but low bulk
  • Optimised for horizontal trim
  • P-valve ready
  • Exceptionally warm
  • Designed with a water-repellent outer layer
  • Made with all-way stretch fabric for a snug fit
  • Machine washable
Manufacturer's Bumph

Incorporating highly advanced thermal technology and one of the most insulating materials ever developed, the Fourth Element ladies Halo AR’s performance exceeds expectations of any diving undersuit.

Using technology originally created for space exploration and cryogenics, the Halo AR features the extreme insulation material A°RGON™ aerogel in a compression resistant matrix.

With phenomenal insulation properties, this material enables the Halo AR to achieve extreme thermal protection from a thinner, less buoyant diving undersuit. With a wind and water-repellent stretch outer layer, comfortable thumb loops and foot stirrups, this is a garment which can be worn in total comfort, all day.

Building on fourth element’s experience in thermal protection and bodymapping, the Halo AR was assessed with thermal imaging cameras to improve and modify prototypes.

The offset chest zip and baffles ensure that heat lost from the torso is minimised when in horizontal trim. All the body from shoulders to knees is protected by a layer of A°RGON™, while other critical areas also benefit from this enhanced insulation without compromising mobility or creating bulk.

Routing a valve in this diving undersuit is as simple as adjusting the two-way zipper in the fly and a zippered pocket provides a secure place to store keys, credit cards and cash.


Fourth Element are so stoked about the Halo AR Undersuit, they wrote a whole blog about it! You can read it here.

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