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Fourth Element Xerotherm Socks

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If you’re diving a dry suit in the summer, you can probably get away with just wearing these Fourth Element Xerotherm socks to keep your feet warm. Or, when it starts to get colder, use them as a baselayer underneath a thicker sock.

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The Honest Truth



These are nice and thin so it makes it comfy to wear under other socks. Sometimes it feels like my feet are getting crushed if I double up with just my normal socks, but not with the Fourth Element Xerotherm socks.

Manufacturer's Bumph

The Fourth Element Xerotherm Socks provide excellent thermal protection and comfort. Thin enough to be worn under other drysuit socks yet capable enough as thermal protection in their own right, they are comfortable thanks to the flat locked seams and fast wicking fabric.



The fastest wicking thermal baselayer on the market, tried and tested in some of the most extreme environments on the planet. The xerotherm is specified by the FBI and many other professional dive teams.

The ultimate baselayer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® originally developed for NASA, the Xerotherm traps a layer of air – a much better insulator than water – next to the skin, keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable.

The range is designed to be worn under another undersuit or on its own under a neoprene drysuit.

The knit of the Xerotherm fabric produces the fastest wicking effect of any of the products in the fourth element product range. Moisture is drawn out through the fabric along fine fibres and then spreads out over the outer surface. This maintains a thin layer of air next to the skin. This is so effective in the Xerotherm that some wearers report experiencing minor suit leaks during the dive without even noticing until after the dive.

“The performance is superb”. This was the reaction of Doug Allan, world renowned and award-winning underwater filmmaker and author after testing the Xerotherm in -2 degree (29F) water inside the Arctic Circle in Svalbard, whilst shooting sequences for the BBC production The Blue Planet.

The Xerotherm represents the ultimate in baselayer performance, unrivalled by anything else on the market. Since Doug’s testing, the Xerotherm has been to the top of Everest and down to the Titanic, as well as being specified by the FBI Dive Teams, Norwegian Navy and British Police Diving Unit.

Key Features

The Fourth Element Xerotherm Socks…

  • Have outstanding thermal performance
  • Are lightweight and has low bulk and buoyancy
  • Are extremely fast wicking
  • And hardwearing
  • Can be machine washed
  • Perform even when wet

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