Enluva Silk Glove Liner

£20.00 A+ Eco-Rating

We’re obsessed with the whole Enluva range, especially these super comfy Enluva silk glove liners that are the perfect addition to wear under your wool gloves.

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The Honest Truth



The Enluva silk glove liners make a perfect extra layer of warmth when you’re wearing drysuit dry gloves. I wear them under my Enluva wool gloves – match made in heaven!


The Enluva silk glove liner consists of 100% silk, is sewn from a thin, highly elastic jersey material and is intended to be worn under the tried-and-tested Enluva wool glove.

A good fit and the short, flat cuffs ensure that they are comfortable to wear.


The fibers in the Enluva silk glove liner have special properties:

  • Silk is very breathable and absorbs little moisture
  • Silk fabric is quick-drying and temperature-regulating
  • Silk fibers are very tear-resistant and can therefore be processed into very fine, light and yet robust textiles
  • the smooth fiber is hypoallergenic and feels comfortable on the skin
  • Silk is resistant to mites, mold and fungi
  • Silk fabric is dimensionally stable and largely wrinkle and wrinkle free
  • Silk is a natural fiber and therefore easy to dispose of – without plastic pollution

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