Santi Dry Glove System

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This Santi dry glove system is great. It’s super simple and is by far one of the easiest dry glove mods to install. It’s the perfect upgrade to your Avatar drysuit if you want to keep your hands toasty warm.

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The Santi dry glove system does have a larger profile than other dry gloves that I’ve used, but you don’t notice it when gearing up. It doesn’t use any rigid plastics so it is completely flexible.
What's in the box

The Santi Dry Glove system includes:

  • dry gloves
  • mounting ring,
  • ring cover,
  • o-ring for dry gloves assembly (thinner),
  • locking ring,
  • sealing o-ring (thicker).
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Santi Dry Glove System is a self-assembled dry glove system, compatible with the Avatar mens and ladies drysuit (and Santi suits with the SmartSeals ring system).

Its main advantage is the flexibility that allows the diver to put on and take off the gloves effortlessly. It doesn’t impair operating equipment and it’s still easy to reach hard places during the dive.

Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used by divers with various hand sizes.

The system makes use of an extremely large sealing surface as well as high resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions.

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