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7mm Mitts

£80.00 C Eco-Rating

The temperature never really gets low enough for us to need these cold water diving mitts in the UK. However, if you’re going ice diving or just get incredibly cold hands out there, this could be the glove for you.

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They are lovely and warm, but they definitely take a bit of getting used to. You don’t have the same dexterity as you do with a five-finger glove. It’ll take some practice, and you’ll also have to make sure you go over your signals in your buddy check! In all honestly, I prefer my dry gloves.
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Fourth Element 7mm cold water diving mitt is our warmest wet-glove.

It’s been redesigned to enhance fit and increase dexterity.

With three fingers of each hand in a single compartment, the hands remain wamer as a result, whilst the index finger and thumb are free for manual operations.

The flexibility of the back of the glove is maximised, reducing fatigue during a dive and a combination of a Hydrolock wrist seal with glued, blindstitched and fused seams ensures minimal water ingress.

Key Features
  • Glued, blindstitched and fused seams with Tartex
  • Hydrolock wrist seal
  • Octo-print palm for durability and grip
  • Subtle branded print on back of hand

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