Fourth Element

5mm Gloves

£64.00 C Eco-Rating

Perfect for UK diving all year round and the go-to glove for The Honest Diver team and our students at The Fifth Point.

These gloves are thick – that’s how they’re so warm! They’re a super snug fit and the hydrolock keeps the water out so your pinkies stay toasty. The only thing is, you might need to go up a size from what you’re used to.

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The Honest Truth



Fourth Element diving gloves have always been my favourite, but this tweaked design is something else! They’re easier to put on and take off plus they’re really flexible too.
Manufacturer's Bumph

The most popular glove in the range, the Fourth Element 5mm diving glove has outstanding fit and excellent flexibility, thanks to the use of minimal prints on the back of the hand and an articulated print on the palm.

The Hydrolock wrist seal almost eliminates water ingress, and fused seams ensure that a cold water dive does not have to mean freezing cold hands.

Key Features
  • 5mm across wrist and back of hand
  • 4mm palm for extra dexterity
  • Glued, blindstitched and fused seams
  • Hydrolock wrist seal
  • Octo-print palm for durability and grip
  • Minimal print on back of hand to maximise flex

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