Enluva Wool Inner Glove

£35.00 A Eco-Rating

We’re obsessed with the whole Enluva range and the Enluva wool inner gloves are insanely warm.

Designed to be worn with drysuit dry gloves, they keep your pinkies toasty but without the bulk. They still allow your fingers to be incredibly flexible so kiss goodbye to sausage fingers preventing you from undoing your bolt snaps!

Enluva also make silk glove liners to wear underneath when the temperature drops.


The Honest Truth



I’ve been diving the Enluva wool inner gloves all year. They’re great underneath my drysuit dry gloves, they’re sooo warm! When the water starts getting extra nippy, I pair them with some silk glove liners.


The Enluva wool inner glove is a very high-quality glove that was specially developed as an underlayer for dry diving glove systems.

The good fit in connection with the seamless knitting process ensures an excellent sense of touch, as there are no protruding and bulging seams in the way.

Since it is particularly important when diving in cold water to still have enough flexibilty in your fingers (for example to operate bolt snaps), the enluva wool inner glove is perfect for the task.

  • A perfect, tight fit
  • A completely seamless knitted construction
  • Material 100% new wool
  • Wide, tight cuffs with wrist warmer effect
  • Compression-resistant

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