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Aqualung Plazma Mask

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If colour coordination is your thaang, you’ll love the Aqualung Plazma mask. They’re comfy, lightweight and because we use them in the school we can tell you they’re pretty tough too! An all-round cracking budget mask.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in the awesome zipper mask case like some of the other Aqualung masks – you just get a pretty flimsy plastic box instead but here’s hoping it changes soon!

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Sssh, don’t tell anyone but… there’s hardly any difference between the Aqualung Plazma mask and the Apeks VX1. Yeah, the VX1 has a slightly better lens, but if you want to save a few quid or you’re looking for those amazing colours, go Plazma!
Manufacturer's Bumph

Compact, light, and frameless—that’s the Aqualung Plazma mask.

It offers an unmatched field of vision and clarity with its panoramic mono lens. This premium mask provides the fit, comfort, and convenience (it’s small enough to carry a spare in your BCD pocket) you’ve been looking for.

For new and experienced divers, the Aqualung Plazma mask is the only frameless panoramic diving mask that delivers a perfect fit with excellent comfort from surgical grade premium silicone and enhanced stability zones. The Plazma mask delivers a lightweight and compact, low-profile design in fresh, exciting color combinations.

Key Features
  • Advanced Fit Technology™ Only available from Aqualung, AFT creates varying textures within the silicone so it can better conform to any face shape to improve sealing and comfort.
  • Frameless Technology By eliminating the frame, the Aqualung Plazma mask’s silicone is sealed directly to the lens, creating a compact and close-fitting design for
    optimal vision. The frameless design delivers lower volume, greater flexibility, and lighter weight. This makes it great for traveling because you can crumple the skirt right against the faceplate!
  • Pressure reduction zone The Aqualung Plazma mask is reinforced for stability and
    pressure points are reduced to maximize comfort and eliminate leaks. The pressure reduction zones are incorporated into the silicone skirt at strategic points to help relieve the pressure of the mask on long dives. This engineered design utilizes these reinforced zones to improve also skirt stability at traditional weak points
  • Fit Buckles The one-touch button release allows for easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing thick gloves
  • High Quality Strap Preformed mask strap better forms to the diver’s head, increasing comfort and provides a more secure fit
  • Reusable Protective Case The Aqualung Plazma mask comes in a protective case making it perfect for travel

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