Apeks VX1 Mask

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There’s no hiding the fact that this is one of the most expensive masks we sell. In this case, you really do get what you pay for – it’s amazing.

The silicone is super soft which makes the mask very comfy to wear and keeps any annoying leaks at bay.

When The Honest Diver team give it to their students to try out, it gets a unanimous big ok sign! They love it too.

We also love the packaging it comes in – no rubbish plastic boxes with this mask. Instead, there’s a lush zip case which we carry our masks in all the time!

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The Honest Truth



I’ve worn a Tusa mask for years. There came a point where it was just so mouldy and minging inside (my gear gets some abuse!) it was time to find a new one. I took AGES to find something I was happy with. And then the Apeks VX1 mask was released. It’s soooo comfy and I LOVE the minimal packaging it comes in

Manufacturer's Bumph

The Apeks VX1 mask is the ultimate in diving mask comfort. Lightweight, frameless and with a Pure Clear lens for maximum optical clarity.

Key Features
  • Frameless construction of the Apeks VX1 mask creates a lightweight, low-volume mask that is easy to clear and equalise.
  • The Pure Clear lens provides maximum optical clarity with no distortion.
  • Advanced skirt geometry is designed to minimise facial pressure points during long duration dives.
  • Quick Release Buckles with stainless-steel rollers allow easy adjustment for the best fit, even while wearing dry gloves.
  • Matte and gloss areas on the silicone skirt create a better seal and improve fit and comfort.
  • Premium, surgical-grade solid black or solid white silicone.
  • Supplied with a comfortable silicone mask strap and an additional neoprene strap, the Apeks VX1 mask come in a reusable zipped protective case.
  • Designed and produced in Italy.

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