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XS Scuba Gauge Reader Mask

£120.00 C Eco-Rating

If you’re struggling to see your dive com or gauge on a dive, and your arm isn’t quite long enough.. it might be time to invest in an XS Scuba Gauge Reader Mask!

With a magnifying panel in the bottom third of the lens, it’ll boost the numbers so you can see them more easily.

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I’ll be honest, I don’t think this is the most stylish of masks, but if you need a bit extra magnification underwater so you can see everything… function trumps style every time!

Manufacturer's Bumph

What? Your arm is not long enough to read your gauges? Then you need an XS Scuba Gauge Reader Mask, the original slant-back, down view design.

  • The unique glass to glass bond allows the +1.75 positive diopter lenses to slant back and downward, the ideal position for reading instrumentation, looking at camera settings or writing on slates

  • Includes mask storage box

  • Available in four colors

Key Features

The XS Scuba Gauge Reader Mask has…

  • Gone back to the original “angled-back” down view design
  • Improved closeup magnification with new single-plane glass
  • A unique design with +1.75 positive diopter magnification in lower one third of the lenses
  • Double feather edged sealing surface
  • Durable split window polycarbonate frame
  • A mask storage box included

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