Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle

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This nifty handle adjusts effortlessly to your dive style, no tools needed – just your fingers!

The design of the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle lets you add a scooter loop whenever you fancy, making it a breeze to switch up your setup. Plus, with eco-friendly packaging, it’s a win for the oceans too

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The Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle is a dream – no fuss with allen keys or screwdrivers, just a straightforward, tool-free setup at the dive site.


With the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle, underwater communication and navigating through wrecks becomes seamless, as it allows the use of both hands without any hassle.

Be Smart and Go Modular: The Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle offers flexibility – use it with just a torch or add a scooter loop. Its modular nature lets you modify it as needed. The assembly is straightforward and quick, perfect for any diving situation.

No Tools Needed: This is where the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle stands out. Forget about the hassle of Allen keys or screwdrivers; your fingers are all you need for a quick setup or adjustment underwater. After your dive, disassembling your lamp head and Goodman is just as easy.

One Screw to Connect Them All: The simplicity of the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle is evident in its design – all parts are securely combined with a single screw, making it both sturdy and easy to manage.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Ammonite System is committed to environmental preservation. For the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle, recyclable cardboard packaging is used, reducing plastic waste and supporting sustainability efforts.

  • Versatility: Change the setup of your Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle whenever you want, adapting to different diving needs.
  • Easy Assembly: Assembling the handle takes just seconds, showcasing its user-friendly design.
  • Modular Design: Start with the basic set and upgrade with a scooter loop later if needed for the Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle.
  • Tool-Free Setup: Forget about Allen keys or screwdrivers – your fingers are all you need for assembly and adjustments, even underwater.
  • Quick Disassembly: Easily disassemble your lamp head and Goodman after diving – no tools required.
  • Secure Construction: All parts of the handle are combined and secured with one screw, ensuring a stable and robust build.

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