Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle

£60.00 A Eco-Rating

Wave goodbye to the hassle of holding your dive light. The Ammonite Modular Goodman Handle holds so well, you can go totally hands-free without worrying you’re going to drop your precious light!

It’s super customisable as you set the bungee tightness to just how you like it, ensuring a snug, comfy fit every time.

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I do like the adjustable bungee on the Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle. I use this set up for lots of different tools like my compass and underwater mirror. It’s comfy and reliable.


ORIGINAL SOLUTION: The Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle is an original solution from Ammonite Systems, quickly gaining approval from divers for its flexibility and ease of configuration. The fastening of an umbilical light in the handle is straightforward and doesn’t require additional tools. You can adjust the loop size simply by tying a knot. Plus, the Goodman Handle Soft comes with AMMOPOWER – an extended three-year warranty.

SIMPLE CONSTRUCTION: The Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle comprises three elements. Its body is machined from a solid piece of Delrin®, a highly rigid and durable thermoplastic, combined with two flexible bungee rubber bands. One band is used to secure the light, while the other ensures the handle stays firmly in hand. Thanks to the flexible bungee rubber, the grip adjusts to the shape of the user’s hand, leaving them free for operation.

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Ammonite System, the creators of the Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle, is committed to environmental preservation. In line with this, we use recyclable cardboard packaging for our products, including the Goodman Handle Soft, instead of plastic. This approach to packaging is our way of contributing to sustainability and positively impacting the environment.

  • Customizable Fit: The Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle allows divers to adjust the bungee tightness easily, ensuring a personalised and secure fit for every hand.
  • Hands-Free Use: Designed for convenience, it enables divers to securely fasten their umbilical light without the need for additional tools, providing a truly hands-free experience.
  • Durable Material: The body of the Ammonite Soft Goodman Handle is machined from Delrin®, a highly durable and rigid thermoplastic, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability.
  • Simple and Effective Design: Comprising just three elements, its design is straightforward yet highly effective in functionality.
  • Ergonomic Grip: The flexible bungee rubber bands adjust to the shape of the user’s hand, offering an ergonomic and comfortable grip.
  • Extended Warranty: Comes with an AMMOPOWER extended three-year warranty, demonstrating Ammonite System’s confidence in their product.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: In line with Ammonite System’s environmental commitment, the product is packaged in recyclable cardboard, reducing plastic waste.

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