XDEEP Zen Wing

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Forget everything you know about backplates and wings. The XDEEP Zen wing has took it to another level.

With it’s unique backplate and donut design, this wing will keep you super comfy on the surface and while you’re busting out that perfect ninja trim underwater.

It might take a little bit longer for us to get hold of some of the designs (currently about 3 weeks) as they’re not all kept in the UK.

If you really want to go to town on the customisation, you can actually personalise your wing with your own design.



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The Honest Truth



It’s been an absolute dream to configure the XDEEP Zen Wings for our divers. The way the harness is designed means it can be tweaked to perfection.

I get the diver in the water practicing their buoyancy, I take my tools down and can make adjustments on the fly to get everything perfect!

What's In The Box?

Your XDEEP Zen wing setup includes:

  • Your chosen NX Zen Wing
  • Your chosen backplate – aluminium or stainless, small or large
  • Your adjustable harness
  • A user manual from XDEEP
  • All in 100% recyclable packaging, it looks really smart!

You might also want to add some weight pockets or trim pockets.

You can also fully customise the colours if you want, there’s some cracking designs! Just get in touch for more info.

How do I customise my XDEEP Zen Wing

If you want cusomise your colours even further or add some embroidery to your XDEEP Zen Wing, you can use XDEEP’s customisation tool to get everything perfect, then send your design PDF to Jim to sort out the rest.



Free Wing Set Up Consultation

We offer a free wing set up consultation either in person or over video chat to help you get the most out of your new XDEEP Zen wing.


Do I Need a Stainless or Ali Backplate?

The choice between an aluminium or stainless steel backplate comes down to where you think you’ll be using your new XDEEP Zen Wing the most.

If you want to travel with your wing, then aluminium is a great choice as it makes your rig about 2kg lighter than stainless.

BUT, in the water your rig will actually be about 1kg more buoyant compared to a setup with a stainless backplate. This means you’ll need more lead to compensate. There is a silver lining to this though, you can now place this extra weight anywhere you like to help with your trim.

If you’re primarily diving dry suit in the UK, we recommend the stainless option – we’re already carrying enough lead!

And if you’ve never dived a wing before, you’ll find you need way less weight diving with any kind of wing with a backplate compared to your traditional jacket style BCD!

Which Size Backplate Do I Need?

The backplate you choose for your XDEEP Zen Wing depends on your height. They make two variations with a 5cm difference in length.

If you’re shorter than 175cm, go for the small

If you’re 175cm or taller, go for the large


Jump on any dive boat in the last 20 years and every BCD you see will be a slight variation on a theme. The XDEEP Zen Wing is the result of our passion to break from that tradition, from what works, into what performs at a previously unheard of level.

Deconstructing traditional designs, bringing XDEEP’s technical diving experience and expertise, led to a step change in BCD design and application.

The XDEEP Zen Wing is so named for a reason; that feeling of being ‘at one’ with the world that diving brings. Advances in materials technology, in diving design and our ability to apply modern engineering concepts created a dive system that delivered on our priorities.

A stable, comfortable and ergonomic BCD that is truly ZEN.

Modern BCDs not only need to create a sense of freedom in the water but also provide security and confidence on the surface. Careful attention to the wing design and the balance point of the XDEEP Zen system means you are held comfortably and confidently whilst waiting for your boat pickup or sharing the excitement of the dive with your buddies.


Built for unmatched performance and comfort. Epic look is just a side effect.

At XDEEP we are passionate about doing things better, improving and refining our products. We want BCDs to be safer, to be robust and reliable and to be more comfortable for divers. Our engineers and designers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of this goal. From the overall design concept to the little details, everything is examined and improved. Once we have come up with the design we obssess about identifying and using the best materials.

The NX Series is the culmination of our experience, expertise and passion so far. The NX collection of products has already changed dive industry thinking and has improved diver experiences from exploration cave diving to tropical reefs.


LESS effort MORE comfort and safety

The tight to the tank streamlining makes buoyancy control more precise. The wing shape adds stability due to reduced air migration and attention to the ideal balance for easy expert trim.

When diving in currents you want to reduce drag for ease of finning. When exploring swim throughs in a wreck or reef you want to be free of entanglement. This is where you will truly value the XDEEP Zen’s design.



Less is more

The ZEN wing is deliberately narrow so that it does not protrude from the side of your tank. This brings advantages in enhancing your buoyancy control, in reducing any entanglement hazards and in significantly reducing drag. As we reduce drag we usually improve our gas consumption, enabling longer and safer dives.

ZEN wing provides 19kg of lift, while its size is comparable to classic wings with 17kg of lift.


Smaller upper wing section

The compact engineering of the NX series inflator has allowed a reduction in the required size of the upper part of the wing. This results in a position at the surface that lifts you high out of the water and ensures lift is in the right place when submerged.


Precise control of gas movement

Traditional inflation systems are mounted on the side, so that as gas is injected it can disturb trim if you are in a good flat position.

The compact nature of the NX series adapter allows it to be placed dead centre, eliminating unwanted gas movement. Air is added and is immediately distributed equally down both sides of the wing, leaving you in perfect trim.



The classic backplates’ design history dates back to what could be cut out of an old road sign. For the first time since then we have looked properly at the ergonomics and anatomy of a diver’s back. Our redesign has created a plate that is better in every respect.

Enlarging the upper part of the backplate has achieved better weight distribution during the dive and removes load from the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load comfortably, safely allowing for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

The new NX Series backplate is comfortable, stable and protective of your back.


Perfect 3D mesh pad

ZEN, as with any other set from the NX Series is equipped with XDEEP’s perfect 3D Mesh lining.

This soft but non compressive pad adds to your comfort, whether in board shorts or drysuit. It helps prevent any small movement of the back plate against your back, adding to stability and security.

The 3D Mesh material does not need any additional lead due to the smart materials technology that allow easy water penetration and drainage.


V-shaped crotch strap

The NX Series harness is equipped with totally new V shaped crotch strap. The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating the single strap design running directly between the legs. Whether walking with your gear to jump in or scootering around a reef, you will feel the very direct benefit.

  • The V-shaped crotch strap distributes load over a larger area, allowing you to sit comfortably into the crotch strap whilst at the surface.
  • The V is formed by two attachment points at the bottom of the back plate. This ensures there is an even tension preventing sideways slippage of the system and spreading the load for stability.
  • The NX Series V-strap is equipped with two Cargo D-Rings instead of the usual one. The design results in the D rings being set off to each side as opposed to a traditional centre ring, providing easier access to clipped off gear.



The backplate design has resulted in major improvements in donning and doffing the system.

When the harness is unfastened, the shoulder straps are 20% longer than in a classic harness. This creates more room even if you have restricted movement in the shoulders. Tightening the buckle of the waist strap pulls the shoulder straps snugly down, perfectly tensioning the harness fit to your body. No need to adjust for changes from wetsuit to drysuit. The whole system is comfortably held closer to your body stabilising the entire scuba unit.


Modular weight system

To truly be at one with your equipment, your weight system must be perfectly balanced, be secure and easy to configure and use. The modular weight system in the NX series means you can confine your weight belt to history.

Tailor your weight distribution for the diving you are doing. From a couple of kilos needed in the warm sun, to the extra lead needed in cold water diving, you can select the pockets that best suit your needs.

  • For single tank diving in any conditions. Perfect for wreck diving – max tank size 18ltr
  • Buoyancy: 19kg lift
  • Toroidal wing-style BCD
  • Double shell
  • Outer shell Cordura 1100DTEX
  • Inner bladder Nylon 440DTEX
  • Dry BCD weight without harness 1.1kg
  • Full set weight: Stainless steel – 5.3kg | Aluminium 3.2kg
  • Inflator K-Type
  • Modular weight system capacity – 0kg to 16kg

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