XDEEP Bolt Snap

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We salute the designer who sat down and re-engineered the bog-standard bolt snap.

It’s really difficult to explain just how good the XDEEP bolt snaps feel in your hand and how easy they are to use… you just have to hold one and you’ll understand!

We promise they’re worth the extra couple of quid.


The Honest Truth


Team Diver

It sounds daft, but you really can tell the difference between these XDEEP bolt snaps and their cheaper counterparts.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I say how nice they are to hold and operate, so I give them a cheap one and an XDEEP one to hold… then they get it!

Manufacturer's Bumph

Revolutionary design applied through to the smallest detail

The NX SERIES has proven that you can take a traditional design and apply innovation and materials to create something better, unique and special. Bolt snaps would seem to be pretty resistant to evolution, yet the XDEEP bolt snap breaks a 60-year stalemate in design and greatly improves ease of use and practical application. Tradition, innovated.


No loss of dexterity in any glove system

We should never have to make choices that compromise our diving. Dry gloves and neoprene mitts give us warm hands but create difficulty operating clips and smaller controls. Cold hands can ruin the enjoyment of a dive.

The XDEEP bolt snap range, whether double-ender or the smallest clip can easily be handled in the thickest dry glove systems, eliminating the need to compromise.


NX Series Large XDEEP bolt snap

Perfect for stage cylinders, deco cylinders and sidemount cylinder bottom clips. Also good for stage top clips in cold water.

If you prefer a large clip for your SPG in Hogarthian style, this bolt snap is ideal.


NX Series small XDEEP bolt snap

Optimised for use on the 2nd stage regulator or long hose, for backup torches, small accessories, and cameras.

The NX design will allow you to replace previously larger snaps due to the ease of handling in a more compact design.


NX Series double-ender XDEEP BOLT SNAP

A good double-ender is one of the most useful and versatile clips around. The NX SERIES is an excellent double-ender.

Utilised on jump or SMB spools, as clips for sidemount pouches, securing backups in the drysuit pocket or simply as a working double ender on the right D ring, it performs flawlessly.

Key Features

Easy to Open

A common reason for a missed clip on traditional bolt snaps is that the gate is hard to fully open. The NX trigger is large, smooth and easy to operate making a full opening simple.

At the same time, the NX SERIES has significant anti entanglement properties. Smaller triggers often have a hook that line can easily catch in, the NX SERIES trigger shrugs off line traps without fuss.

The finger support provides stability and control, increasing the accuracy of the clip.


Easy to Clip

Attention to detail can solve some big issues. For example, just by ensuring the XDEEP bolt snap head is appropriately rounded and contoured, and by thinking carefully about optimizing the hook shape, clipping into D rings becomes so much easier.


An eye for detail

One size does not fit all. The eye on the NX SERIES bolt snaps is perfectly customized for the intended use.


Off-center swivel

Using an off-centre swivel on the large XDEEP bolt snap creates many advantages. The position of the hand when your finger is through the bolt snap eye is optimized, stage and sidemount cylinders become easier to mount and remove and it allows for a lighter weight eye.


Compact eye

On the small XDEEP bolt snap, the compact and tidy eye is exactly what is needed for attaching to long hoses, lights, and other accessories without wasting any space. The clipped item stays tighter to the diver and it is easier to keep the bolt snap orientation exactly as desired.


100% AISI 316 stainless steel

Materials technology is a critical component in the NX SERIES, it both facilitates and enhances the design elements. In the XDEEP bolt snaps not just the clip, but the spring, gate and all parts of the NX SERIES are made from the highest quality AISI 316 stainless steel.

The AISI 316 marine-grade steel is utilized for its anti-corrosion properties with its increased nickel and added molybdenum content.

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