XDEEP Sidemount Trim Pockets

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The XDEEP sidemount trim pockets are a great, simple design that allows you to neatly add extra weight to your system wherever there is spare webbing. This provides a bit more customisation of your dive trim balance point or even gives you quick access to weights on dives.

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The Honest Truth



The XDEEP sidemount trim pockets are a great addition to the XDEEP range and allow some extra fine-tuning of balance for divers. They work with any dive webbing too so I have even used them on single tank setups too.

Which XDEEP Sidemount Pockets Do I Need?

The medium size XDEEP sidemount trim pockets allow you to add an extra 2 x 1.5kg to your rig.

If you need even more, choose the large as they’ll give you 2 x 3kg.

Manufacturer's Bumph

XDEEP sidemount trim pockets can be mounted both to the shoulder straps and to the waist strap. Trimming in sidemount has never been so easy.

To make them more comfortable, XDEEP put a special reinforcement plate made of a highly durable polymer inside the pocket. It makes the weight fit tightly to the strap so nothing is loose and nothing bumps.

The XDEEP sidemount trim pockets can be used with any sidemount or harness made of 50 mm (2 inch) webbing.

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