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Wild and Temperate Seas: 50 Favourite UK Dives

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This is a cracking read which features two of our favourite places right on Honest HQ’s doorstep – The Farne Islands and St Abbs Marine Reserve.

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The Honest Truth



A great little read for when the sea is blown out and we’re stuck in front of the fire at Honest HQ!

Author's Blurb

From highlands to islands, wrecks to reefs and caves, this new-style guide will whet your appetite for UK scuba diving. These are over 50 personal favourites at some of the UK’s most popular underwater destinations. Dorset Dives author Will Appleyard and his team of experienced collaborators share their picks as they showcase our beautiful coastal locations. Many of the dive sites featured in this new guide already appear regularly in avid UK divers’ log books. Others are visited by only those with local knowledge and some rarely see divers at all. All are special in some way to those who have contributed and evidence for those to whom the UK underwater is still a mystery that once you tame these wild and temperate seas there really are some magnificent experiences to be had.

About The Author

Will Appleyard communicates his passion for adventure through his photography and writing. The author of Discover UK Diving and Dorset Dives, he is regularly commissioned for magazines, adventure-based platforms, adventure outfitting and travel brands – www.willappleyard.com.

In this new guide a range of experienced contributors and award-winning underwater photographers – Kirsty Andrews, Dan Bolt, Jason Brown, Jake Davies, Alex Gibson, Stuart Philpott and Elaine Whiteford – share some of their favourite UK diving locations.

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