Stage Rigging Kits

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These stage rigging kits cover the most popular Ali stage sizes. The standard clip tends to be the most popular (it’s been around the longest). However, the coldwater version clips are a bit more tactile when using dry gloves. It certainly makes life a little bit simpler in the UK!

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The Honest Truth



A stage rigging kit is basically some rope with clips… I used to make my own but at this price point and quality of the hardware, it’s far simpler to just buy this kit!  I would recommend upgrading the hose retaining bands if you’re diving in coldwater though 🙂

What's In The Box?

Your stage rigging kit includes:

  • A jubilee band to fit your chosen cylinder size – 7L, 40cf, or 80cf
  • A pair of your chosen stainless steel bolt snaps – standard (120mm) or cold water (105mm with large eye)
  • A cord handle with plastic grip
  • A pair of rubber hose organisers

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