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Rock Hopper Shoe

£45.00 A Eco-Rating

Are you off on your hols (tell us where…totally not jealous by the way!) the Fourth Element Rock Hopper shoes are ideal for strolls on the beach and warm water diving.

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The Honest Truth



You know we go mad when we find out our products save the ocean…. These shoes are Ocean Positive and they’re made from at least 6 recycled plastic bottles. Love it!

If you’re thinking about using them for UK diving, they’re not the best – check out the Amphibians or Pelagics instead.
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Rock Hopper shoes are lightweight yet pack a punch in comfort and versatility.

Comfortable for clambering over rocks thanks to the natural rubber outsole and ergonomic footbed, the Rock Hoppers are equally suited to use with open heel fins thanks to heel reinforcement and a durable lining over the bridge of the foot.


The outer parts of the shoe are made from a 100% natural rubber from rubber trees, reducing the demand for synthetic rubber made from petrochemicals.

Each pair of Rock Hoppers is lined with recycled fabric, saving at least 6 plastic bottles ending up in landfill or worse, the ocean.

Key Features

Check out this list of features from the manufacturer… if it sounds like gobbledegook, give us a shout!

  • 100% natural rubber outer
  • 88% recycled lining
  • Ergonomic footbed insoles
  • Heel reinforcement
  • Fin strap retainer
  • Smoothskin ankle seal

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