Fourth Element

Fourth Element Float Snorkel

£30.00 B Eco-Rating

The Fourth Element Float Snorkel is a super simple breathing tube that does exactly what you want it to.

Its lightweight design allows it to float on the surface and is designed with freedivers in mind.

The fact it can fold up makes it perfect for shoving in a pocket whilst diving.

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The Honest Truth



This is my choice of snorkel. The Fourth Element Float Snorkel is easily stowed in my drysuit pocket and is perfect to quickly attach to my mask when I go for a snorkel with the seals.
Key Features

The Fourth Element Float Snorkel is…

  • Positively buoyant so it’s a floating snorkel
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Designed with a classic J shape
  • Easy to attach to your mask with a detachable snorkel keeper
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Fourth Element Float Snorkel is suitable for freediving or as an additional stowable snorkel when you’re diving.

This snorkel floats and folds away so you can keep it in your pocket and take anywhere your adventure takes you.

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