LED One Mini

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A compact version of the LED One, this is a great choice for a backup torch if you’re short on space or would rather clip it to your harness.

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Team Diver

Unless you’re a techy diver who wants this as a backup to a backup torch, I’d probably choose the LED Stingray instead.

Manufacturer's Bumph

LED ONE Mini has just been significantly upgraded.

As good technical agencies advocate storing 2 backups and a primary light, we released the new LED ONE Mini.

The idea behind this torch concept was to enhance your diving safety and offer duplicity of compact backup lights.

The purpose of creating the LED ONE Mini was to guarantee a failsafe backup against any primary light failure situation.

LED ONE Mini offers simple construction, impressive performance, a new ergonomic military-style grip and long burn time

LED ONE Mini is our smaller version, with rugged materials and design, powerful yet compact backup torch with an impressive 400 lumens and 5 hour burn time, all powered by two CR123A batteries.

Key Features

Check out this list of features from the manufacturer… if it sounds like gobbledegook, give us a shout!

  • LED ONE Mini’s reliability, it’s a key feature, stems from its simple but robust construction, materials used, build quality and minimal electronics.
  • The LED ONE Mini body is machined from a solid piece of Delrin®, an exceptionally rigid and durable construction thermoplastic. The head is made from hard anodised aluminium, which makes it resistant to abrasion and weather factors.
  • The LED is protected by 6mm tempered and scratch-resistant glass.
  • LED ONE Mini head is machined with a long thread and is protected with three beefy o-rings.
  • It guarantees leak tightness for immersion depths up to 200 m and protects the device from accidental water ingress when switching on and off underwater.
  • LED ONE Mini delivers a tightly focused light beam of high visible cold white light.
  • LED ONE Mini provides an optimal combination of high light intensity up to 400 lm and very long operating time of over 5 hours.
  • The back-up torch utilizes a directly powered 5W LED chip with an outstanding lifetime, lasting more than 100 000 hours of constant burning.
  • Two CR123A batteries or equivalent rechargeable batteries can be used as the power supply source.
  • This incredibly rugged and waterproof backup light is extremely easy to use. The user switches it on and off with just a simple quarter-turn of the head.
  • LED ONE Mini easily fits in a jacket pocket (max. length: 126mm, max. width: 42 mm) as well as it can be conveniently attached to the diving harness.
  • The exterior is now shaped for a firm and easier grip, additionally, it’s much simpler to stow the light with a bungee loop when diving.

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