Apeks Wetnotes

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Shove these Apeks wetnotes in your pocket while you’re diving because they’re really useful!

They come with a pencil that’s attached (no worries about it floating away!) and a handy bolt snap to secure them to your gear.

Use them to communicate with your buddy underwater, carry your dive plan with you, draw maps, play hangman on your safety stop – you name it they are super versatile.

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Wetnotes are wetnotes in my opinion, there’s not much difference between the various ones on the market. BUT… the Apeks ones come with a pencil and a bolt-snap so they’ve got that going for them! They’re only available in black though…


The Apeks Wetnotes are the perfect place to store dive plans, make a note of your deco schedule or simply write your packing checklist.

Small enough to fit in a pocket, waterproof and manufactured from super-tough ballistic nylon, Apeks Wetnotes are an essential part of any serious diver’s kit.

With reusable and replaceable pages, a double-ended bolt snap, a solid graphite pencil and transparent pockets for storing a compass or cutting device, this product is an affordable and useful accessory.

  • Durable ballistic nylon outer cover
  • 23-page reusable and replaceable underwater notebook
  • Bungee elastic pencil holder and solid graphite pencil
  • Embroidered Apeks logo
  • Two transparent pockets to accommodate deco tables, compass and cutting devices
  • Includes 3 blank deco tables
  • Bungee cord closure loop and attachment point for bolt snap
  • Elastic book mark
  • Supplied with 316 stainless steel double-ended bolt snap

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