Enluva Wool Drysuit Socks

£55.00 A Eco-Rating

We’re obsessed with the whole Enluva range and these Enluva wool drysuit socks are fantastic!

You’ll get 2 pairs – a baselayer and an overlayer which means you can pick and choose your thermal protection based on your water temperatures. Double up in the cooler months for toasty warm feet. Be warned… they’re so comfy you might just wear them all the time!


The Honest Truth



These socks are AMAZING. I’ve switched from my hotfoot pros to the Enluva wool drysuit socks recently and I love them! They’re really warm and comfy (your foot doesn’t slip around inside them) plus I love the fact that you get the option to choose which layers you wear depending on the temperature.


The Enluva wool drysuit socks come in a set with a baselayer sock (Termico 1) and overlay sock (Termico 2).



As a base layer, the Termico 1 is our basis for warm feet. Since it is worn directly on the skin, its terrycloth structure on the inside ensures airy yet very warm insulation – without the risk of sweaty feet.

The sock consists of a material mixture of 64% wool, 35% polyamide and 1% elastane. This makes the socks very flexible and easy to wash.

Since the Termico 1 easily fits into normal shoes, it can already be put on at home and carried on the way to the dive site.

In terms of design, it is roughly comparable to a very high-quality trekking socks of the highest “warmth level”.

The colour is our uniform dark grey melange, the height is chosen so that it safely reaches over the ankle.

The Termico 1 should always be worn under the underwear suit, directly on the skin.



The Termico 2 is our outer layer and its shape is precisely tailored to be worn over the base layer Termico 1.

In contrast to the airy and highly flexible terry cloth structure of the base layer, the Termico 2 is significantly thicker and, above all, denser. Nevertheless, its seamless knitting process (knitted heel, toe and cuffs) ensures very good flexibility and a perfect, wrinkle-free fit.

After knitting, the socks are also fulled in a special process. As a result, the material is compressed and forms a very strong and thick structure.

It consists of 94% pure new wool, 5% polyamide and 1% elastane.

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