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Diving Log Book

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Keep track of all your hours spent underwater with these cute little diving log books.



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Logging your dives is super imporant (especially if you’re going pro – you’ll need evidence of all your time spent underwater). Keep track in one of these super cute diving log books.


These Diving Log Books have an intuitive, fun, graphical layout featuring pieces of scuba diving equipment.

This diver’s log is a compact, paperback book format with a glossy cover and one page each for 50 dives.

There are spaces for the essential depth, dive time, gas, buddy, dive site, visibility and other details, a brief description or sketch plus a dive centre stamp.

The cover features original artwork by lovely Bristol-based designer Bethan Buss.

  • One page per dive.
  • Space for 50 dives.
  • Small (13x20cm / 5×8″), lightweight, ideal for the travelling scuba diver.
  • Cover artwork by Bristol designer Bethan Buss.

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