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Diving Equipment: Choice, maintenance and function

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An in-depth guide for taking care of your precious dive toys.

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Finally, the perfect study guide for the PADI Equipment Specialty Course! I was really impressed by this book – it’s up to date and has fantastic info.

Author's Blurb

Diving Equipment: Choice, maintenance and function is a solid introduction to how diving gear works. It details the choices divers are faced with, and gives tips to help ensure it will last. If you want to better understand diving kit without having to dismantle it this book is the answer. It is filled with colourful illustrations and explanations of the hidden inner workings. Although it is therefore of obvious benefit to newer divers, Diving Equipment will also be of interest to qualified divers. Divemasters, instructors, those in need of a refresher and any non-diver who is curious about diving equipment are all likely to find out things they did not previously know. This book covers a wide range of diving gear including: accessories, BCDs, computers, cylinders, drysuits, fins, gauges, masks, rebreathers, regulators, sidemount, snorkels, stages, torches, weights, wetsuits, wings and more…

Although many of the dives we make are in tropical regions, Diving Equipment takes an international perspective. It covers a range of conditions; discusses laws and regulations in different parts of the world; suggests what to look out for and what to ask locals about. If we are curious, we are often directed to look at manufacturers’ websites, with their limited descriptions of how equipment really works. This book aims to plug the gap. Diving Equipment also includes some less common and older items for interest and historical comparison, and finishes with some speculation on what the future might bring.

About The Author

Jonas Arvidsson is a former Head of Education at PADI Sweden, dive centre owner and PADI Course Director. He translated nearly all PADI training material into Swedish and has also instructed in Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand. A former biology and chemistry teacher, Jonas is now a writer, illustrator and translator.

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