Apeks Regulator Servicing

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When it comes to keeping your dive gear in prime condition, there’s no one better than our very own Reg Doctor, Jim.

He will personally take care of your Apeks regulator service, keeping you updated at every stage.

He’ll strip your regs, thoroughly clean them, change out parts using official Apeks regulator service kits, put them back together and test them to make sure they’re working perfectly. You’ll get them back with a full servicing report detailing exactly what’s been done.



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The Honest Truth



I absolutely love tinkering with scuba gear. Send me your Apeks regulators for servicing and I’ll give them some TLC.

Why choose The Reg Doctor for Apeks Regulator Servicing?
  • The Reg Doctor is an expert: With years of hands-on experience in the field, Jim isn’t just a technician; he’s a specialist in scuba gear. He literally sits at night studying exploded diagrams of Apeks regulator parts…
  • Personal Service: As you’d expect from The Honest Diver, Jim offers personalised service plans. If you’ve got a specific requirement for your gear, just let him know! Nowts a bother.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe in clear, honest communication throughout the servicing process. Jim will keep you informed about the condition of your equipment, any necessary repairs, and the best practices for maintenance going forward.
  • Commitment to Quality: Jim only uses official parts from Apeks regulator servicing kits, the highest quality tools and materials and the latest servicing techniques to maintain your equipment.
  • Safety as a Priority: Your safety under the water is our utmost concern. Jim meticulously inspects, services and tests your Apeks regulators so he sends it back to you working perfectly.
  • Fast, Efficient Service: We know that time is of the essence, especially when your next dive is on the horizon. Jim tries to turn gear round as fast as he possibly can.
  • Passionate Support: Diving is not just a sport; it’s a passion. Jim shares this passion and is dedicated to supporting the diving community by offering expert advice, sharing knowledge, and helping divers maintain their equipment for years of underwater exploration. You can see he answer all sorts of scuba equipment related questions on The Honest Diver Podcast.
How long does an Apek regulator service take?

Jim aims to get your Apeks regulator serviced as quickly as possible. It usually takes a maximum of 7 days (excluding shipping time if your regs are to be couriered in/delivered back).

He will of course keep you updated if this changes.

How do I get my Apeks regs to you?

We’ve tried to make it easy peasy for you to get your Apeks regulators to us for servicing.

You can either:

  • Drop them off at Honest HQ in person
  • Ship them to us – you package them up and arrange your own postage
  • We can organise a UPS label so you can box up your regs, whack the label on and drop off at a collection point


How do I get my Apeks regs back?

You can either:

  • Pick them up in person at Honest HQ
  • We can organise delivery to an address of your choice


What happens during an Apeks regulator service?

Once Jim receives your Apeks regulators for servicing, he’ll give them a once over to inspect them for any major issues that stand out before he gets to work.

He’ll then completely strip your regs down to their bare bones, disassembling every single component. He’s got so many tools in his little man cave workshop that there’s a servicing tool for every nut, bolt, and connection that exists on your Apeks regs.

Certain parts are completely replaced during your Apeks regulator service. Jim only uses official servicing kits for these.

Jim photographs all your reg parts at this stage (everyone loves a before and after photo!) and catalogues them in your servicing file.

The rest are given a warm, soapy bath to remove all the general dirt that’s accumulated since your last overhaul.

The metal parts get placed in an ultrasonic bath with a specialist reg cleaning solution designed to remove all corrosion and has been proven to protect and polish the shiny chrome.

Everything then gets rinsed, dried and carefully inspected for wear, tear or damage. If there are any issues identified at this stage (or at any stage of your Apeks regulator service), Jim will give you a call as this could mean an extra bit of cash is needed to replace the part in question.

Once everything is squeaky clean, the camera comes out again for another photo of the parts. Don’t worry – Jim will include your before and after photos in your servicing report!

Everything is reassembled along with those new parts from the Apeks regulator servicing kits using oxygen-compatible grease. Your hoses will be cleaned, dried and reassembled with new o-rings. Even your low-pressure inflator hose gets a new Schrader valve (attention to detail or what?!) Your gauge is disassembled and new o-rings are fitted to the spindle.

Everything gets bench tested (you should see the gauges, dials and general jiggery-pokery he has for this) to make sure your Apeks regulators are tuned to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then as a final check, your regs get dunked in our training tank to check for leaks.

Last but not least, your regs are dried and disinfected and ready for you to pick up and Jim will email you your service record.

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