Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle

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The Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle is a diver’s trusty companion for challenging underwater explorations. Crafted from top-notch anodized aluminum and Delrin®, this handle stands out for its ruggedness and reliability.

While it’s a little bit more fiddly to assemble and customise (compared to the Modular Goodman Handle), you are supplied with the tools you need… now you just need to remember to take them to the dive site!

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The Honest Truth



The Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle is super rugged and reliable. To be honest though, I prefer the Modular Goodman Handle from Ammonite as you can set it up without tools.


UNIVERSAL SOLUTION The Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle is a versatile tool that fits all Ammonite System umbilical headlights. Crafted from high-quality anodised aluminium and Delrin®, it’s both lightweight and exceptionally durable, easily withstanding various environmental conditions.

FOR YOUR COMFORT Ammonite prioritizes user comfort with their Standard Goodman Handle. By widening the crossbar’s middle part, it enhances the stability and ease of use of the headlight, making your diving experience more comfortable.

EASY TO CONFIGURE Designed for optimal hand positioning, the Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle ensures steady use of the umbilical light. Its practical design allows for easy attachment of the light, with adjustable handle size secured by two stainless steel screws, hex key included.

  • Universal Compatibility: The Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle is designed to fit all Ammonite System umbilical headlights seamlessly.
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed with anodised aluminium and Delrin®, the Ammonite Standard Goodman Handle is known for its toughness and resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Features a widened crossbar in the middle part of the handle for increased comfort and improved stability of the headlight.
  • Easy Configuration: Offers an ergonomic hand position for steady use. Includes easy attachment and adjustable size with two stainless steel screws (hex key included).

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