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Aqualung Zephyr Flex Snorkel

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A snork, is a snork, is a snork right? Maybe, but this is one of the comfiest we’ve tried!

The Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel is really bendy so it sits nicely against your face. It also folds in half easily and we love that we can still use the clip to attach it to our masks even in thick gloves.

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The Honest Truth



I can fold up the Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel and shove it in my drysuit pocket and when I need it, I can easily attach it to my mask. That just shows how mint the clip is to use –  I can even do it in my dry gloves!

Manufacturer's Bumph

The Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel’s unique dual-material construction combines rigidity and flexibility for dependability and comfort.

The Zephyr Flex is a corrugated snorkel, with an elliptical purge valve and an anti-shock soft splashguard.

The unique construction uses two materials, one rigid to prevent collapse and the other soft to allow flexibility which reduces pressure on the diver’s mouth.

Thanks to the elliptical purge valve, the Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel creates a seal against incoming water and makes easy work of purging water away.

The anatomically-designed silicone mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and the soft splashguard top helps to reduce water entry at the surface in choppy conditions.

The ergonomic snorkel retainer is easy to operate, even with thick gloves.

Key Features
  • At the very heart of the Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel is the shaped and protected silicone Elliptical Purge Valve: the shape of the valve guarantees sealing as well as ease of purging.
  • The anatomically-designed mouthpiece made from medical silicone reduces jaw fatigue.
  • The joint between the mouthpiece/valve box and the corrugate is a swivelling sealed connection that rotates for a better fit.
  • The corrugate is made from two materials, one rigid and the other flexible. Corrugates from other manufacturers collapse even on shallow dives. Zephyr Flex does not, thanks to the rigid skeleton that keeps it in shape. The flexibility also provides an important fitting benefit: it lets the mouthpiece set softly into the diver’s mouth without stress, improving comfort and reducing jaw fatigue.
  • The large snorkel retainer is very easy to use even with thick gloves, thanks to an ergonomically-designed structure.
  • The D-barrel-shaped tube helps the Aqualung Zephyr Flex snorkel rest more streamlined against the diver’s face.
  • The splash guard is made from two materials with the same corrugate technology. This rigid, yet flexible construction helps prevent potential injuries in crowded environments such as diving clubs, classes and on boats.

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