Fourth Element

7mm Cold Water Hood

£70.00 C Eco-Rating

We really like Fourth Element’s hoods. They’re comfy and they work really well. Which thickness you need depends on how cold your head gets – but the 7mm cold version is used by our students when they’re in wetsuits and it keeps them nice and warm.

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Even though the extra skirt is designed for tucking into the fabric bit of your drysuit, we’ve found it also helps to minimise flushing on our wetsuits too! There’s nowt worse than when you first jump in the North Sea and it runs down your back – this makes it a little bit easier!
Manufacturer's Bumph

Stretch neoprene ensures a comfortable fit and the glideskin face seal minimises the flow of water into the hood.

Micro holes in the top vent air with minimal water ingress and the collar is designed to work with drysuits fitted with a warmneck.

The 7mm hoods have a glideskin seal around the face and the rest of the hood has a thermal plush lining. The 7mm hood also features a glideskin collar.

Key Features

Check out this list of features from the manufacturer… if it sounds like gobbledegook, give us a shout!

  • Minimalist design.
  • Stretch neoprene for optimum fit.
  • Offset drain-holes in top of hood.
  • Trimmable skirt.

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