Free XDEEP wing set up consultation

11th November 2020 By Jim

We love to make sure that you get the best from every bit of dive gear we send to you. That’s why when you buy an XDEEP wing from us, we’ll help you set it up too! If you’ve not seen the XDEEP collection yet, check them out here.

Get wet at Honest HQ

If you live locally, you’re more than welcome to pop down to Honest HQ where Jim will help you assemble, size up and your brand new XDEEP wing set up.

Once that’s all sorted, it would be rude not to get it wet, so jump in our training tank and take it for a spin! Get an idea for your new weighting and get used to where new dumps, inflators and releases are located. Jim will be on hand to make any additional tweaks that might be needed. He loves taking his tools underwater and can fine-tune your gear until you’re sitting perfectly in the water.



If it’s too far to travel to us, don’t worry! We’ll come to you… virtually! Jim will set up a video call where he can talk you through everything that’s needed to get your XDEEP wing set up and perfectly sized. Then, once you’ve taken it for a dive, he’ll check-in and see if there’s any tweaks to be made and give you as much advice as he can.




James is a PADI Staff Instructor and self-confessed kit nerd. He's literally like a walking product catalogue. If you're looking for a piece of gear, but you're not sure where to start, give James a shout. He will find out exactly what you need, what problems you're currently experiencing and everything you hope to achieve and turn it into a solution... It's amazing! He's been diving for 15 years and an instructor for over a decade. He adores sidemount diving, we can't remember the last time we saw him in a single tank set up outside of the training tank!