Design your own customised XDEEP wing

10th November 2020 By Jim

XDEEP have some amazing colours on offer, but what if that’s not enough for you? Build your own customised XDEEP wing with the awesome TUNEUP tool, send us the design and we’ll get XDEEP to make it for you! If you’ve not seen the XDEEP collection yet, check it out here.


Create your own CUSTOMISED XDEEP  wING

Add that personal touch by choosing the colour of the bladder, padding and even the backplate PLUS get your name embroidered too!



It’s dead easy, and almost addictive! You’ll be there for hours tweaking and tinkering with your design to get it perfect! It even saves your design so you can sleep on it and come back to it later.

2 | When your design is complete…

You’ll receive a PDF with a unique code for your customised xdeep wing design. You’ll need to sign it to confirm you’re happy with the design and then send it to me (

3 | It’s invoicing time

I’ll send you the invoice for your order, get it paid and your design will go straight into production! Right now, it’s taking about 6 weeks for custom orders to reach Honest HQ, but there is the option of choosing express production which speeds it up to about 3 weeks.




If you’re not sure where to start, we can jump on a live video chat. I’ll walk you through how to design your customised XDEEP wing and we can do it together I’ll be able to share my screen and we can work out the best options for you.

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