Slim Halcyon SMB

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Choose your colour, size and inflation style with these awesome slim Halycon SMBs.

They’re really easy to deploy and roll up nice and small to fit in your pocket.

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I’m really impressed with the quality of materials on these Halcyon slim SMBs. They feel much more hardwearing than other SMBs I’ve used.

The drysuit inflation valve is epic. It’s a super simple design and never let me down yet!


Choosing your inflation style

The drysuit inflation style can also be used as an oral inflate, but we’re not gonna lie – orally inflating through that metal connector can be really tricky when the water is cold! It’s hard to seal your lips around it, so top tip – stick it in the corner of your mouth!

If the thought of disconnecting your drysuit hose with cold hands sounds like an absolute nightmare, go for the oral inflation style. This is a lot easier to blow air into even when it’s cold because of the plastic mouthpiece.


Choosing your LENGTH

The longer the SMB, the more likely you are to be seen. This is especially important if you’re diving from a boat or you think you might end up somewhere you weren’t quite expecting. The 1.8m slim Halcyon SMB will help you be seen in choppy conditions.

The 1m slim Halcyon SMB is perfect for calmer dives and shore diving where you want your surface crew to know where you are.


Choosing your COLOUR

There are no set rules for what different colours of SMBs signal. Although a yellow SMB is traditionally seen as an “emergency” signal by tec divers, it totally depends on the plan the team has set.

Choose your colour based on the one you like the most and if you do want different colours to mean different things, you can work that out with your team!

Although pink might not be your colour, it has been proven to be the most visible on the surface.



The slim Halcyon SMB provides maximum visibility and redundant flotation to support diving safety and peace of mind.

Marker buoys are essential safety equipment in the event of separation from the dive team or surface vessel.

  • Easily inflated at depth
  • The slim Halcyon SMB uses an integrated over pressure-relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth
  • When deflated, all SMBs fit in a Halcyon thigh pocket or backplate MC Storage Pak
  • The slim Halcyon SMB comes in your choice of yellow, shocking pink or orange. These combinations support divers that wish to carry one colour to mark position and one to mark emergencies.

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