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The large XDEEP SMB has all the safety features you’ll need in a marker buoy and stands a lot taller out of the water compared to it’s smaller brother.

The boat skipper will love you for it!

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If you’re using this large XDEEP SMB in cold water, I’d recommend you use your dry suit hose to inflate it.

Cold lips do not like to seal around that metal inflator! You’ll thank me later!

Manufacturer's Bumph

The large XDEEP SMB is a highly visible delayed surface marker buoy. The bright orange colour with 3M Reflective Tape is ideal for all types of diving conditions.


Simple, lightweight and reliable

The large XDEEP SMB is a perfect solution for divers who appreciate simple solutions but expect top quality materials.

The buoy is equipped with a self-sealing valve and a pressure relief valve which when rolled up takes very little space. Its simple design means that nothing can break down!


Be seen at night and over long distances

The large XDEEP SMB is equipped with a special 3M Scotchlite reflective tape which boasts a SOLAS maritime visibility certificate.

This perfect fluorescent material guarantees that the buoy will be visible at a very long distance. It is especially important at night as to can be very difficult to make out something as small as an SMB.


Always at hand

The SMB is equipped with a rubber band loop so when its rolled up, its kept neat and takes up little space.

When the SMB is needed, you can unroll it with one move without wasting time.


chemical light or message POCKET

At the top of the SMB is a transparent pocket that can hold a chemical light or a note with information for the surface support team. Communicate with your team while staying on your deco stop.

Key Features
  • Closed SMB
  • 140cm
  • Pull dump
  • Oral or low-pressure hose inflation

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