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Fourth Element Thermocline Leggings | Women’s

£140.00 A Eco-Rating

You can use the Fourth Element ladies Thermocline leggings to layer up underneath your wetsuit for more warmth or wear on their own if you’re going tropical.

Anything that’s Ocean Positive gets a massive thumbs up from us at The Honest Diver. The Thermocline range goes even further as it performs brilliantly and comes in biodegradable packaging!

We love the Fourth Element ladies Thermocline leggings. They’re neutrally buoyant, neoprene free but still have the thermal properties of 2mm wetsuit!

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The Honest Truth



If you’re smart with your wardrobe, you can use the Thermocline range to create the perfect exposure protection for every temperature.

You could wear these Fourth Element ladies Thermocline leggings with the Thermocline long sleeve top, jacket, vest or crop top when you’re in warm water. Or, if you’re feeling the cold, stick them under your wetsuit for extra toastiness!
Protecting The Ocean


The Fourth Element ladies Thermocline leggings utilise a unique fabric made using ECONYL®

It’s 100% recycled nylon from ghost fishing nets and other discarded waste, then laminated with a waterproof membrane and thermal fleece.

The Thermocline range revolutionises the notion that being environmentally responsible means sacrificing performance or aesthetics.

The next generation Thermocline fabric is the highest performing fabric Fourth Element have ever made for this application and it feels as good as it looks.

Key Features
  • Neoprene free
  • Outer contains 78% recycled Nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Wind and waterproof fabric
  • Breathable
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Machine washable
  • Equivalent of 2mm neoprene
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Fourth Element ladies Thermocline leggings are designed to be worn for diving in tropical temperatures, along with a long sleeve top, jacket, vest or crop top.

With a high waistband, the leggings will not ride down in use and will remain comfortable throughout the course of a dive.

In combination with a Thermocline top layer, they make a great lightweight, breathable alternative to a neoprene wetsuit.

For other watersports, the leggings are the perfect way to keep warm without resorting to a neoprene wetsuit.



Thermoclines are the original neutrally buoyant wetsuit system. They’re lightweight, machine washable and equivalent to 2mm neoprene.

Because there’s no neoprene, Thermoclines are perfect for those with allergies. You can either replace the traditional wetsuit entirely or use them as a barrier, reducing contact between the skin and the wetsuit itself.*

The range is perfect for all surface water sports as well as warm water scuba. It’s lightweight, neutrally buoyant, machine washable, breathable and hypo-allergenic.

The fabric ensures that the wearer is more comfortable when out of the water, during surface sports, or when kitting up for a dive. The inner fleece layer draws moisture away from the skin and wicks through the breathable membrane where it evaporates off the nylon surface. In the water, the membrane traps a thin layer next to the skin and prevents colder water flowing over the body, perfect for surfers, freedivers and scuba divers.

Thermocline dries rapidly, often within an hour or between dives – a quick rinse and a squeeze to get rid of excess water before hanging it up inside out should ensure it is ready for your next adventure.

No more smelly neoprene suits – this wetsuit can be machine washed (we recommend using our SUB30 environmentally friendly washing liquid).

Store it safely with other garments and when packing for vacation there’s no need to worry about potentially damaging the fabric – it can be squeezed into that last remaining space in your luggage without any worries.

*In Fourth Element’s experience, skin allergies to neoprene, whilst rare, are also not caused by a single compound and therefore it is difficult to be certain of preventing a problem. Thermocline has been used with a great deal of success by neoprene allergy sufferers, but it is important to consult with a doctor about any symptoms and possible alternatives.

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