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Fourth Element Arctic Two Piece Bundle | Men’s

£280.00 A Eco-Rating

The Fourth Element Arctic two piece bundle creates a perfect undersuit for UK diving on its own. If you’re venturing into colder water, you can even use it as a base layer underneath a thicker undersuit.

This is the 2 piece version of the undersuit that we use in our dive school at The Fifth Point.

These are so good that you’ll stay warm even if you’ve had a leak.



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The Honest Truth



If you wear a 2 piece suit like the Fourth Element Arctic two piece bundle, you can normally get away with wearing it to the pub after your dive – you get a few less stares than when you wear a one piece anyway!
What's In The Bundle?

Your Fourth Element Arctic two piece bundle includes:



The Fourth Element Arctic Top is designed with a long body portion to ensure adequate overlap between the top and trousers, enhancing comfort and warmth. It features a low, full front zip for ease when donning and to improve the overall fit. Thumb loops are included to prevent the sleeves from riding up during donning; remember to remove them and tuck them back underneath the wrist seals for optimal fit. Additionally, the Fourth Element Arctic Top comes with hand warmer pockets, perfect for warming up between dives.



The Fourth Element Arctic leggings feature secure foot loops to keep them in place when donning the drysuit.

A high waistband ensures that separation of top and leggings is minimised. Tuck the top into the waistband before donning the drysuit.

The lower legs are single layered to reduce bulk around the ankles, making donning easier.

The Fourth Element Arctic leggings are designed with your comfort and ease of use in mind, ensuring a snug fit and minimal bulk for effortless diving experiences.


Fourth Element Arctics feature…

  • Full zip for easier donning: The Fourth Element Arctic Top features a full zip, simplifying the process of putting it on.
  • Lower neckline for maximum comfort: Ensures comfort by reducing constriction around the neck area.
  • Thumb loops to aid donning: Thumb loops keep sleeves in place, facilitating easier layering.
  • Single layered lower legs: Reduces bulk around the ankles, simplifying the process of donning the Fourth Element Arctic Leggings under your drysuit and enhancing comfort.
  • Hand Warmer Pockets: A practical feature for warming hands between dives.
  • Foot stirrups to aid donning: Makes slipping into your drysuit easier, ensuring the leggings stay in place.
  • Pee-valve ready: Designed for convenience, supporting extended dive times.
  • Close fitting, but allows for other layers: Designed to fit snugly while still accommodating additional layers underneath for increased warmth.
  • Low bulk, high insulation: Provides excellent warmth without unnecessary bulk, making it an ideal choice for layering.
  • High recycled content: Outer: 80% Recycled Polyester. Inner: Fleece 100% recycled polyester, demonstrating Fourth Element’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Contemporary flexible, metallic branding: Adds a modern and stylish touch.

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