£29.95 B Eco-Rating

This compact little CutHero line cutter slices through rope, fishing net, wetsuits, gear straps… but luckily not fingers thanks to its special design!

It attaches to your BCD belt or wing webbing so it’s always there if you need it, plus the ceramic blade should never rust.


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Love the colours, love how secure the little pouch is, and love the ceramic blade. It’s really sharp and in theory, should never rust. I’ll let you know how the metal screws hold up!


The CutHero line cutter is the sharpest safety cutter on the market.

Equipped with a replaceable ceramic blade, it cuts almost everything that gets in its way.

Made for diving, climbing, sailing and skydiving, but usable far beyond that. It’s perfect for cutting rope, cord, fishing line and more.

The blade is so sharp that it can even cut through Kevlar or thick webbing.

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