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Action Camera Underwater Video Basics

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Get some tips from the award winning cameraman Jeff Goodman and get your gopro videos popping!

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I’m super impressed with this book. It covers all the basics, has recommendations for lights and filters and even has a storyboard to follow to help you shoot the perfect video on your next dive!

Author's Blurb

Action Camera Underwater Video Basics shows how to capture fantastic video and turn it into engaging sequences.

The book focuses on small action cameras – the format which includes devices made by GoPro, SeaLife and Paralenz – all of which have more depth to them than one might first imagine. Award-winning underwater cameraman Jeff Goodman shows how versatile they can be and how to get the best out of them.

Every one of the 200+ images in the book was shot with an action camera.

The book looks at important camera features and cuts through the dizzying array of equipment choices. Homing in on what is useful for underwater videoing, Jeff then provides the vital background knowledge key to achieving great results, time after time, whatever device you use:

  • How to avoid the typical mistakes made by many budding underwater filmmakers.
  • Capture better shots and turn them into engaging sequences.
  • An introduction to the editing process – simple techniques to make the best videos.

Jeff also explains how to use action cameras to take better underwater stills, both in the water and later from the video which has been shot.

The book concludes with two exercises that put the theory into practice.

Although technology moves on at a pace, some things will always remain true. Nowadays shooting exclusively with tiny action cameras, Jeff shares a lifetime of essential underwater video know-how in one handy book.

About the author

Jeff Goodman is an award-winning cameraman and director experienced in wildlife, underwater, aerial and sound sync lighting camera work. Jeff started his TV career making a series of 30 minute underwater films in 1980 with his associate Laurie Emberson.

With over 10,000 professional dives to his name, Jeff has travelled the world filming in a variety of environments while working for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and many other international production companies.

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