Ammonite Accu Batteries

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These Ammonite Accu Batteries are not just reliable; they’re built like a tank – tough, durable, and ready for any diving adventure. With their modular design, attaching them is a breeze, and their environmentally friendly packaging is just the cherry on top. Dive with confidence knowing you’ve got the best in battery tech keeping your lights on.

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I love how tough these battery cannisters are but I think the fact that you can make the most of Ammonite’s modular system and use your Accu Battery with any of their torch heads puts them in a class of their own.

Durability and Reliability

The Ammonite Accu Batteries are designed for robustness and reliability. The main section and lower lid of each battery is machined from a solid piece of Delrin®, a highly durable construction thermoplastic. The upper lid, made from hard anodised aluminium, resists abrasion and weather factors while providing increased thread strength for repeated use. Each canister is doubly sealed with O-rings and features an overpressure safety valve.


Easy to Attach

Standard models of the Ammonite Accu Batteries include a webbing fixed loop fastening to the hip belt. Options such as the sidemount buckle or Accu click mount are available for alternative fastening systems.


Part of the Modular System

Ammonite Accu Batteries are part of a modular system, allowing you to tailor your umbilical light set to your diving needs. With a consistent chinch type connector across all components, upgrading or replacing parts is straightforward and convenient.


Small Size, Low Weight

Among the market’s smallest and lightest, Ammonite Accu Batteries provide power without the bulk.


Universal and Safe Power Supply

The batteries offer a safe and universal power source for all Ammonite System umbilical lights, ensuring bright light and extended burn times. Each battery pack, contains a Li-Ion battery that is safeguarded against short-circuit and overvoltage.


Eco-Friendly Packages

As part of Ammonite’s commitment to environmental preservation, they use recyclable cardboard packaging for the Ammonite Accu Batteries, reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability.


BMS Battery Management System

Each battery pack is equipped with a BMS to ensure safe operation, particularly important for the Li-Ion cells used in our batteries. The BMS extends battery life and maintains a safe level of charge, providing both protection and efficiency.

Specification Type 9 Type 10 Type 14 Type 24
Capacity (Nominal) 9Ah 10Ah 14Ah 23.45Ah
Charge/Discharge Cycles 500-700
Charger Input Voltage 100-240 V
Charging Time ~4 h ~4 h ~4.5 h ~8 h
Over Pressure Valve Yes
Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion
Total Energy 96 Wh 104 Wh 125 Wh 242 Wh
Voltage 10.95 V
Material Delrin® / Aluminium Alloy
Max. Length 246 mm 247 mm 200 mm 258 mm
Max. Diameter 46 mm 46 mm 66 mm 66 mm
Weight 705 g 705 g 1100 g 1400 g
Weight in Water 450 g 450 g 750 g 600 g
Max. Operation Depth 200 m 200 m 150 m 100 m
Safe to Fly Yes Check with Airline Check with Airline No

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