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Surprise Pack

£35.00£150.00 A Eco-Rating

That special scuba diver in your life will LOVE this surprise gift pack!

Choose your theme, choose your value and we’ll handpick products that we think will be perfect for them.. of course, you could just buy one for yourself instead!


The Honest Truth



Buying a gift for a scuba diver can be tricky, especially if you’re not a diver yourself. Let us take the hassle out of it with our Surprise Packs! They contain bits of kit, must-have accessories and gadgets and surface wear that they’ll find super useful on every dive they do.
What's In The Box?

Well, if we told you that, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it!

Don’t worry, the goodies in these packs are the perfect gift for scuba divers and we’ll handpick the items to match your chosen theme and the info you’ve given us about your diver.

Not to give the game away, but it could include:

  • awesome dive gear from brands like Apeks, Fourth Element, Aqua Lung and Xdeep
  • items that every diver would find useful on their surface intervals when they’re by the water’s edge
  • treats to munch on during diving days to keep their energy up
  • products that are designed to protect the ocean

We guarantee that the value of what’s contained in your surprise pack will be worth way more than the price you pay.

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