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Surface Interval Snack Pack

£8.50 A+ Eco-Rating

Need some surface interval snacks? We’ve got you covered with this nifty little snack pack! With goodies to make a brew and refuel you’ll be warmed up and ready to go on the next dive.

Unfortunately, this product isn't available right now.

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The Honest Truth



These are our absolute favourite #HonestTreats to help us warm up and refuel in between dives.

What's In The Box?

#HonestTreats include:

  • Make yourself a cup of Honest-Tea (see what we did there?!) with amazing loose leaf from our friends at Love Leaf Tea and the cutest little scuba diver tea infuser to brew it
  • Fill your boots with a lush vegan energy bar from our friends at Outdoor Provisions. The flavours are inspired by tasty treats from UK National Parks.
  • Get an instant energy boost from an Outdoor Provisions nut butter sachet that will keep you going on the next dive!

WARNING: Some of these goodies contain nuts.


Everything in this Surface Interval Snack box is 100% recyclable and/or compostable (even the snack wrappers!).

Oh, apart from the scuba diver tea infuser, but you’ll use him over and over again! did you know that a lot of teabags are made from plastic? That’s why we switched to loose tea – in our opinion, it makes a better brew too!

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