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The Aqua Lung Fusion Sport drysuit is the lighter weight version of the Bullet. It’s made from a lighter material which is faster drying (so ace for travelling). The only downside is that it doesn’t have pockets.

The stretchy outside layer hugs and streamlines your body which makes it super comfy although it does take a little bit of getting used to putting on!

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The Honest Truth



The Aqua Lung Fusion Sport is very similar to my Bullet. I’ve dived it a few times but I have to be honest, I like the material on the Bullet better – it feels a bit more durable. I’m also lost without the pockets! Where do I put all the marine debris I find if I’ve got no pockets?!
Manufacturer's Bumph

The Aqua Lung Fusion Sport drysuit combines the innovative AirCore inner layer with a heavy duty, abrasion resistant Spandex Skin.

The result is a drysuit that is unmatched in flexibility, incredibly lightweight, and
compact enough to fit in your carry on luggage.

Key Features


Feel & Fit

Front Entry

This design allows for a true self entry, no need to rely on your dive buddy. A trusted military grade YKK brass dry zipper is used for durability.


RapidZip System

The RapidZip System makes it easier for quick detachment of the outer layer for rapid drying.

It also offers the opportunity to upgrade or change the outer layer with new styles.


AirMesh Suspenders

The specialised suspenders feature a compression-resistant 3D AirMesh back pad adding insulation and comfort.

A zippered pouch in the front offers an ideal solution for where to keep your valuables.

Webbing straps are adjustable to achieve a perfect fit and keep your Fusion Drysuit in place.


High Stretch Construction

The spandex panels and flatlock seams in the outer layer provide a superior range of motion and help streamline the suit to minimize drag.



Silicone Seals

Hypoallergenic silicone seals provide 40% better stretch than standard latex seals, offering enhanced comfort.

Silicone has the added benefit of being more resistant to degradation from UV light and ozone.


Performance & Protection

Patented Dual Layer System

The Aqua Lung Fusion Sport drysuit represents the most innovative advancements in drysuit technology of the last twenty years.

It comprises of two layers: an internal, loosely cut core that fits a range of body types within each size option, and a durable, stretchy external layer that conforms to the body’s shape for a streamlined profile without restricting movement.

The Fusion system distributes air evenly inside the suit, helping maintain correct trim and buoyancy in all conditions.


AirCore Inner

The drysuit inner layer incorporates a breathable AirCore technology helping to regulate temperature, elevating comfort inside the suit.

Constructed of a 3-ply fabric, it lets vapour from sweat and condensation escape while keeping other water out.

The innovative pattern uses as few seams as possible to minimize the opportunity for leaks.


Fast Dry Outer

The Fusion Sport’s Spandex outer layer is a light-weight and fast-drying layer, ideal for travel.

What's in the box
  • Fusion Sport Drysuit
  • Mesh Duffel Bag
  • SLT Neck Seal Replacement Tool
  • Inflator Hose
  • Zipper Lubricant
  • Owner’s Manual

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