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Let’s be honest – this is a cheap mask and you can feel it. The silicone is definitely not as good quality as some of the more expensive masks, but you get what you pay for!

We do love the awesome colours though and it’s one of the options in The Fifth Point rental range as we find it fits a lot of faces.

Better still, it comes in a small version that’s great for kids.

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The Honest Truth



If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful mask, you can’t go wrong with the Cressi F1. The silicone isn’t as soft as the more expensive masks, but if it fits your face it’s a winner for this low price!

Manufacturer's Bumph

Frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low-profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BC pocket.

Cressi’s framless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt directly to a single lens for the ultimate in simplicity.

The low internal volume allows for effortless clearing and quick-adjust strap buckles are moulded directly into the skirt for a flexible fit and reduced drag.

It also represents unbeatable value, with a cost of roughly half that of similar masks.

It’s a perfect mask for snorkelling and diving.

Key Features

Check out this list of features from the manufacturer… if it sounds like gobbledegook, give us a shout!

  • Ultra low-volume, single lens design for excellent field of view
  • Silicone skirt bonds directly to the lens for lower weight and reduced drag
  • Fast-adjust ratcheting strap buckles mounted to skirt
  • Supple, high-grade silicone seals gently and securely against the face
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Easy-access nose pocket for equalisation
  • Excellent value

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